About me


Valerie came to Holistic Nutrition and Hypnosis through her own journey to health and wellness. Along with a strong desire to help others she has a passion for lifelong learning. Seven years of experience working in the Natural and Alternative Health fields gained her experience in Reiki, Quantum Touch Energy Healing, Reflexology, supplementation and organics. Her journey also brought her to BC where she attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and earned her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation. She uses this training to help clients achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Knowing the importance of the connection between physical and mental/spiritual well-being Valerie also added the designation of Board Certified Hypnotist to her skill set to further her education. Personal experience has shown her the transformative power of hypnosis in making permanent changes and she believes in using complementary modalities in order to do the best for her clients and others.

Valerie brings her intuition, caring nature and ability to make strong connections to every aspect of her life. She also brings first-rate organizational skills and experience in information gathering to her work.

Her passion for learning has helped Valerie become an accomplished researcher and protocol developer and she continues to expand her portfolio of nutrition and lifestyle protocols for many common health conditions. Her work is used by Naturopathic Doctors as easy aids for their patients when confronted with new health issues or when learning to manage existing health issues for a better long term outcome.

Certification in Teaching and Training Adults has also made her an enthusiastic and proficient workshop presenter and allows her to bring her passion for sharing knowledge to a broader audience.

Valerie also writes her own regular blog [https://nourishment3.com/category/blog/] where she shares knowledge, personal experience, inspiration and humour in her drive and commitment to health and wellness for all.


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