An addition to my blog on Intentional Junk Food Addiction…

The 10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know:

1: Processed Foods Are Addictive and Can Cause You To Overeat.

2. Processed Foods Are Linked to Obesity.

3. Processed Food Often Contain Ingredients That Do Not Follow the Principles of Food Combining.

4. Processed Foods Contribute to An Imbalanced Inner Ecosystem.

5. A Diet High In Processed Foods Can Lead to Depression, Memory Issues and Mood Swings.

6. Processed Foods Often Go Hand In Hand With “Eating on the run” or Multitasking.

7. Nutrition Labels on Processed Foods Are Often Misleading and Have Harmful Health Effects. (the labels aren’t the part having the harmful effects).

8. Diets High in Processed Meats (like hot dogs and deli meats) Have Been Linked to Various Forms of Cancer.

9. Eating to Many Processed Foods Can Lead to Infertility and Malnutrition.

10. Processed Foods Are Made For Long Shelf Life, Not Long Human Life. *(this one is my personal fav)*

*Full article can be found here:**



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