Intentional Junk Food Addiction

The biggest component of being a Holistic Nutritionist is educating clients about the benefits of a whole foods, natural way of eating. It’s also about showing them the impact of food additives, chemicals, growth hormones, food dyes, and food processing procedures on their bodies, on their mental health and the long and short terms effects.

For me this also means keeping up on current info and research and sharing it with clients and now, you- my blog followers. 🙂 Obviously I subscribe to a few great blogs, websites etc, and on one of my favs (, I recently read a great article and wanted to pass it on.

One thing I really liked about this article is this quote from  Bruce Bradley, a former food industry executive:

“”We’re not talking about food actually being real anymore,”  “It’s synthetic, completely contrived and created, and there’s so many problems about that because our bodies are tricked and when our bodies are tricked repeatedly dramatic things can happen, like weight gain or endocrine disruption, diabetes and hypertension.”

This article is about “Big Food” but everything in this article can also be related and associated with “Big Agro” and Fast Food Industries.

Learn more:


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