Sunny Spring Saturday!

I don’t know where all of you live, but right now here in beautiful Vancouver BC, it is one fine sunny spring day! Totally lifts my energy and spirit. 🙂  Had a great workout at the gym with my personal trainer and then a glorious walk home in the sunshine and fresh air.

Part of being an RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) is recommendations for the lifestyle and body-mind-spirit connections to health and wellness. I know what regular exercise does for the body, does for the mind, and yes even for the spirit. I’m sure you do too. Getting out in nature to connect with Mother Earth by walking and hiking is my favourite way of exercising. A gift I’m giving myself right now is working with a personal trainer to strengthen and stabilize muscles around my knees and other joints, then I can enjoy those hikes even more.  I plan on being active until I die… how about you?

Exercise-to-be-fit dead last  Words to live by!! 


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