Safety of “natural” and “health food” products

I’ve always been a big believer in natural methods of health and wellness, but I’ve also always been cautious when it comes to the use of supplements. In my practice I recommend supplements (generally, if at all) for short term therapeutic use only. I always recommend brands that are whole foods based and that I’ve researched and trust. (By supplements I include vitamins, minerals and specific combinations for specific conditions)

This article:   is definitely food for thought (no pun intended) when it comes to knowing what you’re getting with these safer healthier products! It’s also why I still recommend certified Organic products. At this point in time the regulations for certification do NOT allow a product to be certified organic if there are any GMO based substances in it.

“When something is sold as an herb, vitamin, superfood or supplement, they think it’s automatically safe. And while the natural products industry has a truly remarkable safety record — especially in contrast to the massive number of deaths caused by pharmaceuticals — it still suffers from a lot of hidden toxins that are routinely used throughout the industry.”

If you take nothing from this blog or linked article, please have the above quote in your mind when you going shopping for foods or supplements. I would advise though that you write down the toxins mentioned in the article and read your labels.


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