“Val is very approachable and is always willing to seek out and help me find solutions to my nutritional needs. She is very inspirational and I am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to be her client. I highly recommend Val and her services to ALL of my friends and family!”


Val was my holistic nutritionist while I was having health issues with my digestion.  She took the time to hear my story and how I felt.  She was gentle with her questions and I felt cared for.  Her recommendations were easy to follow and reasonable.  

It helped me get through a difficult part of my life.  She was very thorough, knowledgeable and resourceful about finding the right process and food recommendations for me.  I am grateful.  Val is a very compassionate person and that makes a difference in this kind of work. Thank you.”


“Val Meikle showed a great and rare professionalism during our sessions together.  The interest she has in you is a wonderful change from the “production line” reality of most of today’s professional services.  From her initial contact to her upkeep services you’ll find a service provided that is well worth the investment.”


“Working with Val has been rewarding, educational and very positive. Her compassionate nature along with her strive for excellence make her a great Holistic Nutritionist. I would highly recommend her and continue to work with her to improve my quality of life.”


“Working with Val has been a pleasure right from the initial interview. I was aware the effect diet has on our physical and psychological well-being but I was also a bit skeptical that changing it would have much of a noticeable effect on what I thought were age-related issues. Her interview was thorough and professional as she noted my concerns and considered how they might pertain to my existing diet.  She recommended some simple changes and I have to admit I started to feel better, more focused and energetic within a couple of days.

Her recommendations were easy to implement; she didn’t demand I change my whole way of eating, just eliminate a few ‘bad’ foods and introduce a few better ones along with a couple of natural supplements. While not all of my health issues are diet-related, those that were are considerably lessened and I have been sticking to as many of her recommendations as I can ever since.” 



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