Peppermint oil!

Why you should have peppermint oil:


The best thing about peppermint goes way beyond candy.


The truth is that peppermint has been valued as a natural healer for a long time.  People enjoy the refreshing flavor and aroma and often use it to freshen breath and add some zing to their hot tea.

Surprisingly, there are a score of health benefits that come with peppermint and the best way to heal using this herb is to obtain the essential oils from the plant.  You may be surprised to know that peppermint can be used topically for pain and relieves stress.  Just apply the oil where you are sore and enjoy a nice hot bath or shower after applying the oil to melt away the stress and pain.

Do you have an upset stomach?  Get a cup of warm water to tea and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it and drink.  Peppermint oil is also thought to cure indigestion and helps ease stomach and bowel spasms.  Peppermint oil has an antiseptic effect and can also be used for skin problems like pimples.  You can even also use peppermint oil to remove lice and dandruff by massaging some into the scalp while also enjoying the wonderful cooling effects.  You can naturally cure headaches too using peppermint oil.  Apply some oil to your wrist or a cloth and inhale the fumes from the oil to help make the headache disappear.  Sinus problems can be helped greatly by doing this or by boiling some water with some peppermint oil.  Respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and sinusitis can also be treated using peppermint oil.  Combine a few drops in some olive or coconut oil and massage your feet (or get a willing partner for an even better effect) for a soothing yet invigorating effect.

In addition to its healing properties, peppermint oil is rich in nutrients as well.  Vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, iron, and magnesium can be found in peppermint oil and it even contains omega 3 essential fatty acids.  If you develop a taste for peppermint oil or work it into your lifestyle, you will not be disappointed, but refreshed and healthy!

Just one further note: If you’re going to use any essential oils, make sure to buy Organic ones for the best quality. 2 brands that I have used in the past are “auracacia” and “Now”.


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