The knee and hip analogy!

People often ask me why I have them fill out so many forms regarding symptoms, or why I seem to be giving them recommendations not directly related to why they came to see me. So to help them understand I came up with this analogy that I call the knee and hip analogy.

Let’s say that unbeknownst to you your right knee is slightly out of alignment, maybe a ligament on one side is more stressed than on the other or something similar. Occasionally you have a little tenderness in that knee when going up or down stairs, or it’s stiff when you’ve been sitting for a while. But it doesn’t happen often and you don’t really think about or notice it consciously all the time.

What you do notice is the increasing pain in your left hip! It hurts when you’ve been walking a lot, or when doing certain movements regularly. It causes you to toss and turn in bed at night disrupting your sleep because you have to keep turning over to take the pressure off. So finally you go to the Standard Medical Doctor and explain this hip pain, that it’s getting worse, that you haven’t injured yourself but you are getting older, etc. They decide that some anti-inflammatory medications should take care of things and maybe also advise you to do certain exercises to strengthen that hip area and to use ice too. For a while the anti-inflammatory meds seem to help, the pain is less. After a while though they don’t seem to be helping and the pain gets worse, both you and the Doctor assume the condition is getting worse and maybe they decide to put you on a stronger anti-inflammatory and also offer you some pain medication.

I think you get the picture. What is actually happening in your body is that your body/mind is compensating for the misalignment of your right knee by adjusting your gait and that is transferring over to creating noticeable pain in your left hip!! Addressing your left hip is not solving the real problem, it is managing symptoms. With holistic nutrition I look at all the body systems, not just one. I look at how they relate and act with each other. By addressing the real underlying issue (for this analogy the misalignment of the right knee) I look to change what is happening- through supporting, cleansing, improving, increasing, decreasing, lifestyle changes, mind/spirit connections etc. – and thus positively effecting the real issue not just the seemingly obvious one!

Dem Bones!! 


One thought on “The knee and hip analogy!

  1. Remind me to tell you about videos.

    I think that people forget everything is connected to everything else by several systems, not just their nerves or their circulatory system. To add to your example: The myofascia that covers the muscles turns to tendons in each joint and when it’s damaged in one joint it pulls on another. The body knows everything in it is interconnected to just about everything else, hence the compensation.

    AND it’s a smart medical type person who remembers that constantly and works to find out where the problem is originating, no matter how subtle, rather than just assuming the in-your-face issue is the one that’s the source. You are good at it!


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