Where’s the beef??

Ok, if anyone else remembers that line, then we’re both getting old, lol!  Seriously though after reading the info below I don’t know whether to eat or wash with or put on my face, my next fast food burger. Of course I could just not eat fast food. That seems like a much better choice anyways!! Fact: I very seldom eat fast food, but after reading this, I’m even less inclined to ever eat it. Scientists scare me…at least the ones that are standing in the lab and one day go…”Hey, I wonder what this acne treatment chemical would do for a burger bun??”   What do you think?? (comments welcome)

cosmetic chemicals

*Thanks to my friend Peter for posting this on Facebook*



One thought on “Where’s the beef??

  1. How disgusting. Sadly, I’m familiar with the names of some of those chemicals, because of HBA products I use. You have officially deterred me from eating fast food. Thank you to both you and Peter. I certainly don’t want to eat anything I wash my face with, clean my hair with, or brush my teeth with.


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