Biotech lies exposed!

I’m sure if you’ve watched the news, been on Facebook, read a newspaper or been paying attention to the media in any way for months now you’ve been seeing more and more talk about GMO foods, about Monsanto (the biggest GM seed producer in the world) and about the controversy raging around all of it. I’m also sure that you can guess that I am not a fan of GM foods and there are good reasons why I’m not. My concerns range from nutrient values of the GM foods, toxic chemicals in the seeds and therefore in the food we eat from those seeds, the damage being done to our soil and ground water and the economic disaster being created for farmers.

Monsanto tries to make us believe that GM crops produce higher yields, are as nutrient rich as non-GMO foods and do not cause harm to the human (or animal) body. All of this is proving to be false as more and more research is revealed. Monsanto has it’s hands deep in the pockets of the US Federal government as the recent passing of the “Monsanto Protection Act” by President Obama shows. I don’t want to turn this into a political rant though, that’s not my style. I prefer to focus on the health and nutrition aspects. I like to provide information from quality sources and let people make up their own mind, so on that note I provide the following for your perusal:

This article: 

and this one: 


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