You don’t have to have fruit in fruitwater do you?

Coca Cola released a new product on April 1st called Fruitwater, and surprise surprise it does NOT contain any fruit at all! It does contain Spenda aka Sucralose as an artificial sweetener though! Sucralose has been shown to cause health issues world wide, and they include: gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness and migraines, blurred vision, allergic reactions (skin rashes, breathing problems, etc), weight gain and blood sugar increases. The company that makes Splenda (sucralose) claims that it is “a natural form of sugar with no calories” and the company (McNeil Nutritionals) is being sued by the sugar industry for that claim.

There is no question that sucralose starts off as a sugar molecule, it is what goes on in the factory that is concerning. Sucralose is a synthetic chemical that was originally cooked up in a laboratory. In the five step patented process of making sucralose, three chlorine molecules are added to a sucrose or sugar molecule. A sucrose molecule is a disaccharide that contains two single sugars bound together; glucose and fructose.

The chemical process to make sucralose alters the chemical composition of the sugar so much that it is somehow converted to a fructo-galactose molecule. This type of sugar molecule does not occur in nature and therefore your body does not possess the ability to properly metabolize it. As a result of this “unique” biochemical make-up, McNeil Nutritionals makes its claim that Splenda is not digested or metabolized by the body, making it have zero calories.

It is not that Splenda is naturally zero calories. If your body had the capacity to metabolize it then it would no longer have zero calories. 

Why would you want to put something into your body that it cannot digest/metabolize and that is proving to be harmful to the environment as it is NOT destroyed in water purification/treatment processes! Do our fish and other seafood need an artificial sweetener in their diet?


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