The other side of the story.

I like to tell both sides of a story, or factual information as I find it. It’s all about education and making the right decisions for yourself based on that knowledge you gain and your personal experiences. Recently I became aware of another blog and began following it. This information came to me from there. 

Last week my blog was about the Ketogenic cleanse with coconut oil in regards to cancer. The info from this site seems to offer a different side to what I blogged, so I thought it was important to share with you.  The new blog I’m following is: and he had this to say in the introduction:

In early 2012 I discovered the ketogenic diet for cancer.

I’ve understood for many years that different diets work for different people and I was intrigued by it as a possible dietary strategy to heal cancer, so naturally I shared information about it on my site, thinking it might be a viable option for some.

In 2013, awareness of the keto diet exploded, mostly do to Dr. Mercola‘s articles, interviews and endorsement of it. Since then, many others have jumped on the bandwagon.

Despite the zealous promoters of it, many of whom I have great respect for, my opinion of the ketogenic diet for cancer has changed.

It started with several long phone conversations and email exchanges I had with my friend Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Gerson Center. He was adamant that the ketogenic diet did not work in healing cancer long term. This coincided with the recurrence of cancer in someone I knew that was promoting the ketogenic diet as effective.

The keto diet appeared to have some positive short term results for some people (shrinking tumors), but I was beginning to have some doubts about it working long term.

Then came the coup de grace from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez”:

**Dr. Gonzalez and his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs have had remarkable success treating cancer patients with a non-toxic nutritional protocol that incorporates Gerson principles along with the late Dr. William Kelley’s protocol which includes high doses of pancreatic enzymes and individualized diets depending on body type and cancer type. I have huge respect for them.

Recently Dr. Gonzalez wrote an eight part article series for Natural Health 365 on the history and failure of the ketogenic diet for cancer. Dr. Gonzalez’s nutritional cancer treatment expertise is much deeper than ANYONE currently promoting the ketogenic diet for cancer. And that sealed the deal for me.

There are thousands of people out there who have healed cancer naturally. I meet these natural survivors constantly and frequently share their stories on this site. Most natural cancer healing protocols involve a radical change of diet and lifestyle that includes overdosing on nutrition withjuicing, lots of raw plant food, little to no animal food, supplements, and herbal cleanses along with detox protocols like the liver/gallbladder flush, coffee enemas, etc. Those are all time-tested methods validated by a large body of long term survivors.

I know a lot of long-term natural survivors, but I don’t know any long-term survivors who have used a ketogenic diet to heal.

And that’s my big hang up.

So until I see a substantial list of long term survivors, I am retracting my support of the ketogenic diet as a viable option for healing cancer. I am perfectly ok with being proven wrong, and if so, I will freely admit it, but it will be 5-10 years before that is possible.

Here is a short video in which Dr. Gonzalez succinctly explains why the ketogenic diet doesn’t work for cancer.**

Here’s the link to Chris’ blog and the article and video from Dr Gonzalex:


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