Snowy Sunday

It’s a (surprisingly) snowy day here in the Vancouver area. It’s actually been snowing steadily since Saturday morning. I’m not sure I like it, lol. I moved here from Ontario to get away from this white stuff but I have to admit today it was exactly what I needed to get out into at the nearby park and do some meditating. I have to thank my bestie Jenn for poking me to get out there. It was just what I needed to release some heaviness and negative energy. I feel cleansed now. 🙂 I found the perfect spot for future meditating too (see the 2 photos below- they don’t do the spot justice though). That makes me happy. 

20140223_093843 Looking up the trunk of the tree from the base. 

20140223_093831 This dead stump is at the perfect spot for sitting on and leaning against the tree trunk and meditating. It faces away from the path and is quite private. There is such a feeling of peace, reverence and old majesty under there.

One more thing: I’m just bringing you some light stuff. Some word pics on the spiritual side of things, because I think it’s always a good thing to remember the spirit and its connection to our physical selves.  Oh, which reminds about a new book I bought yesterday that I’m very excited about. It’s called Vibrational Medicine and I can’t wait to read it and bring some of the info to all of my blog followers!

6 benefits of exercising in natureMother Nature does a body good! (to paraphrase the old milk commercial) 🙂

healing and the soulMy biggest challenge!

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be reading this from. 




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