Chakra Affirmations – warning this one is long but worthy!

Today and for quite a while I’ve been focused on healing, support, growth, change and health. I have concentrated on nutrition and food. I have concentrated on learning. Lately though, it’s all about the 7 chakras and vision/purpose in me and in my life. Affirmations and also mantras (I sometimes use the terms interchangeably) are great and I believe even more powerful when used, said, chanted or otherwise expressed during meditation.

Thus today I am sharing some of my fave chakra affirmations with you: Always remember – take what you need and leave the rest. It’s about what resonates and speaks to you, not anyone else.

Affirmations for the Root Chakra

I am safe and secure at all times.
I am divinely protected and guided and my way is made smooth and easy.
I love my feet. They show me the way.
I love my legs. They give me support.
I am open to expanding my awareness of life.
I am willing to release all my old patterns of fear and insecurity to live with joy and well-being now.
I know that I belong. I know that I am safe.
People now support me in an easy and pleasurable way.
It is safe for me to enjoy my life now.
I am willing to be my own good mother and look after myself properly at all times.
I am responsible for the quality of my life.
I am open to new ideas, new thoughts, and new people in my life.
I am willing to consider the possibility that there are new approaches to enjoying life which will enhance my sense of being alive and give me pleasure.
Life is good.
I trust life supports me in fulfilling my purpose.
I have a right to be me, just exactly as I am.
I have a right to express myself and manifest my dreams.
I can have pleasure.
I trust in the process of my life to unfold for my highest good and greatest joy.
I love my life just exactly the way it is. I am free to make whatever changes are necessary for my future.
I can risk doing what I feel is right.
I am a life enhancer.
I am creating a healthy foundation on which creativity can flourish.

Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra

I unconditionally love and approve of myself at all times.
I trust in my own perfection.
I am good enough to have what I want.
I release my negative attitudes which block my experience of pleasure.
It is safe to have life easy and pleasurable.
I allow pleasure, sweetness, and sensuality into my life.
I allow abundance and prosperity into my life.
I am in control of my own sexuality.
I give myself permission to enjoy my sexuality fully.
I trust the Infinite Intelligence to give me everything I need for my growth and development.
I am enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough. Who I am and what I do is enough.
I open myself to the beauty, joy, and harmony of the Universe and I enjoy it.
I trust the process of life.
I love myself exactly as I am right now.

Affirmations for the Solar Plexus

I deeply love and approve of who I am.
I am worthy of my own-self-love.
I love and respect myself at all times.
I trust in love.
I trust my worthiness.
I am worth my weight in gold.
There are no failures. I learn from everything I do.
I believe that everything is for my highest good and greatest joy.
I love life.
I listen to and trust my deepest insights.
I am worthy of the very best in life.
I release judgment and let my life flow.

Affirmations for the Heart Chakra

I deeply and truly love and approve of myself.
I am adequate at all times to do that which is required of me.
I love who I am.
I am willing to love everything about myself.
I trust in love.
I open my heart to love.
I forgive myself
I forgive those who need forgiving for not being what I wanted them to be.
I acknowledge my own loveliness.
I am pure, good, and innocent.
Love is the purpose of my life.
Love is everywhere.
I open myself to the healing powers of love.
I follow the path of the heart.
I am confident that the healing power of God’s love will heal my mind,heart, and body.

Affirmations for the Throat Chakra

I am able to harness my will power to control addictive influences in my life.
I am ready to put my negative habits to one side and openly develop my creativity.
I substitute love, joy, and creative expression for old patterns of addiction and abuse.
I willingly give up (smoking, alcohol abuse, dope, overeating and unhealthy dieting) to enhance my own creative gifts.
Love opens the door for me to feel whole and complete.
Everything I do is an expression of love.
It is now safe for me to express my feelings.
I love and trust my creative gifts.
It is now right for me to express the best of who I am now.
I release the fear and doubts which block the way to my creative expression.
I am confident in the healing power of love to open my throat for greater self-expression.

Affirmations for the Brow Chakra

I think positive thoughts about myself and everything around me.
I open myself to my intuition and deepest knowing.
I acknowledge I am the source in creating my life the way I would like it to be.
I accept that I am an unlimited being and that I can create anything I want.
I focus on what I love and draw it to me.
I release all the impediments which block my growth and development.
I am open to new ideas, people, and situations which will enhance my joy and happiness.
I live in the truth of my grace, beauty, and intelligence.
I am responsible for the quality of love and happiness in my life.
I rethink all negative thoughts about myself and others and change them to positive energy.
I create clarity and unlimited vision for myself about my life.
I trust whatever comes to me is for my greatest joy and highest good.

Affirmations for the Crown Chakra

I am open and receptive to all life.
Love is eternal.
Love makes me free.
I am willing to go beyond my limitations to express and experience greater joy.
I am always willing to take the next step in my life.
I am divinely protected and guided.
I am safe and all life loves and supports me now.
Love surrounds me, protects and nourishes me.
I go beyond limiting beliefs and accept myself totally.
I acknowledge that the source of love is within me.
I am willing to be responsible for the quality of love and joy I have in my life.
The more love I give the more there is to receive.
I am open to the goodness and abundance of the Universe.


The Book of Chakras, Ambika Wauters


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