Personal vs Professional

When I started this blog in March of 2013 I was just finishing up school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I was also seeing a Naturopath regularly for some health issues, mostly related to the stress of school and the huge change I had made in my life by moving from Ontario to Vancouver, BC.

My original intent with this blog was to bring readers update quality information about food, nutrition, the connection between our physical bodies, minds and spirit (soul might be another word for that) and how to make health and lifestyle decisions to improve their overall wellness as easily as possible.

Over this last year and some I have brought to you a lot of what I intended and I am proud and happy about that, but also through this time I have been going through my own transition, change and growth. I have alluded to that and even wrote a couple of blogs about it. ( and Now I’ve realized that I am being pulled to revamp my blog and bring more of my personal stories and my personality into my blog.

I love what I have done, it’s been professional and friendly, I think, and that was what I needed to be/do then. As I have been changing, as life always changes, it is time to bring that change here.

I hope dear readers that you will stay with me and join me as I bring more of my personal journey with all its ups and downs, to you. I truly believe that sharing my story will inspire, perhaps motivate, create emotion, and hopefully a desire for personal growth in even just a few of you.

Holistic Nutrition is about mind body and spirit but it is also about lifestyle changes and about using whatever tools are needed to bring about the good feelings on all levels that we (all) want.

So here’s a pic of me – saying cheers to journey’s and growth, health and wellness!

photo (1)

(I think my friend who took the pic caught me in the middle of speaking, lol)

*photo taken May 2014, copyright and property of Valerie Meikle*


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