Time to catch up!

Hello everyone! Is it just me or is 2014 just flying by? Maybe because this has been such a year of growth and change for me it seems to be that way, but others have said the same thing. 🙂

So, let’s start to catch up. My last blog was over a month ago, cripes! I’m sorry about that. In that blog I announced that I am now a Board Certified Hypnotist and since then I have begun working with clients and it has been fantastic! I have several clients that I’m now working with and I can’t wait to help them achieve the goals they want. Some clients I will be doing combined nutrition and hypnosis work. It’s pretty exciting to be combining my two passions together!  You can reach me on my cell at 778-985-8807. That’s the best way to get me directly. One of my next blogs is going to be about hypnosis – what it is and isn’t, what it can and cannot do, some of the fears and misconceptions people have. Like being controlled, being asleep, not remembering, being made to cluck like a chicken! 😀 None of those are true by the way.

I also took my two week trip to Scotland with my bestie Jenn. She has been dreaming of going to Scotland since she was 5, so this was amazing for her. I was actually away from home for 19 days inclusive, and as wonderful and awe inspiring as the trip was, I was also very glad to get home, and back to work. 🙂 I borrowed a friends camera (and I’m so grateful that I did) and I took over 1800 photos, so it’s going to take me a while to go through and edit them. Once I do or as I’m doing it, I’ll post a blog or two with some of my faves. The history and feeling and energy of the places we visited was very emotional. My personal beliefs include reincarnation and past lives, so for me the feeling of having been there, lived there was huge!

Jenn has several food allergies, mainly gluten, corn and soy. Here in North America gluten free foods are often made with corn, corn flour or soy (and it’s all genetically modified!), which means she can’t eat them. We quickly discovered that in Scotland they don’t do that, and the corn they do use is maize. Research I did on the difference between maize and corn seems to still be under debate as to whether there is a difference. Whatever the difference, items with maize or maize flour in them were not an issue for Jenn. Corn, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup is considerably less used in food products in Scotland, if at all. Eating out in restaurants was great. There were no issues really in finding foods on the menus that were safe for Jenn to eat, and the various restaurants were very helpful and patient with our questions.

I could talk/type for pages about my trip but that’s not truly what I want to do. I do look forward to sharing some of my pics and the story around them with you all though.

In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday (or whichever day it may be where you are) and take care of you!


One thought on “Time to catch up!

  1. I was massively impressed with the quality of food ingredients on our trip. I was impressed with their food labels too.

    And I was thoroughly pleased not to have the places we visited be as toxed as anticipated. The British – the Scots at least – are not as scent-centric as North Americans either. That was a relief. I am still detoxing but it’s not as bad as it could be.

    I, too, enjoyed the trip completely. It was as wonderful as anticipated.

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