One door closes and a better one opens!

time for changeHello my wonderful followers! Once again life has thrown a curve ball my way. As you  might  remember I was working out of a clinic in North Vancouver that I helped get off  the ground. I  had a dream and plan in mind for how I would develop my skills and  grow my business/client  base in that space for however long it took me to do so. Sadly, and there is/was a great deal of sadness and grief that took place over making this decision, I recently decided that I had to change the direction of my path, my dream. Even though the title of this blog says “one door closes…” I left without closing any doors. Without burning any bridges, but it’s not entirely my choice. If someone on the other side of that bridge burns it, there is nothing I can do. In time perhaps communication with that one individual can re-open, if not I accept that.

Now I am going to be practicing from another clinic in North Vancouver and one in New Westminster, which is exciting because it means being able to reach a larger client base and that my existing clients have a choice of location. I know, as I do the same thing myself, that clients will follow me wherever I go (within geographical reason of course) but making it easier for them makes me happy and makes it easier for me too.

As to the other half of my blog title, I say “a better one opens”, not because the first one, this first clinic was bad. afraid of changeThat’s not what I mean. Things happen for a reason. Sometimes choices have to be made. I choose to believe that making this choice was necessary to lead me to something that is better for me. Something, some place that will lead me on the path I’m meant to be on, take me in the direction I’m meant to take in order to grow and learn and become the best me! The best me for me, the best me for my clients, the best me for my purpose in being here on this earth at this time, in this location.

exist to changeChange has always been more difficult for me than I realized on a conscious level. Now I am  much more aware of how change feels for me, and even though it is still difficult, in a lot of ways  it is easier to accept that I can’t control everything. That I can only control how I react to what is thrown my way. I strive to accept and adapt easily to change (like I mentioned in my last blog – to  adapt with grace), but it is an ongoing practice. I don’t like being stagnant. A friend recently said to me in a text – “You’re not a woman to be content with the status quo”. I’m not sure I entirely agree with her but I do know that I believe personal growth is meant to be an ongoing process and that is something I don’t like feeling like I’m stalled or stagnating in.

So life brings us choices, so we can take chances and that creates changes. I’ve made a choice to take a chance and step out in a way that was different than I thought was going to happen. That decision is creating changes for me.choices Changes that I feel very positive and yes, scared about. Excited and yet just a little bit anxious about. I also feel very much alive! 🙂 I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey, to continuing to change, to continue to learn to adapt and accept changes with more grace and ease. To sharing my journey with all of you, and all the new people that the universe is going to send my way. I hope they learn as much from me as I know I will learn from them.





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