Fees for Holistic Nutrition Consultations:

$137 for 90 min full consult (1st time full intake/consult)

$67 for 30-45 min follow up consults.

Fees for Hypnosis:

Intro/pre-talk consult: free

50 mins sessions are $117.

Special program – Weight Control/Healthy Metabolism: 6 session protocol: $597.00 (a savings of $105 when paid by the end of the 2nd session), and includes a bonus 7th session that can be used any time within 3 months after completion of the program at a special price of $57.

Scale price: I don’t believe a person should not be able to receive the help they need because of finances. 

$57 for a Hypnosis session

$67 for a full consult Nutrition session

$27 for a follow up Nutrition session

Contact me, Valerie at 778-985-8807 or nourishment3@gmail.com with any questions or to set up your first appointment!


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