Exciting growth!

It’s been a wonderful sunny, perfect fall day here in Vancouver. Spent 2 1/2 hours hiking with my girlfriend in North Van. It was a great afternoon and I was so excited to share some updates with her on where I’m headed.

Now I want to share at least some of it with you my followers. To begin, I’ve been attending some events recently put on by Dream Talks Vancouver and Dream Talks Global. The Vancouver group has just changed it’s name to Karma Talks Vancouver. Here’s a link to their Facebook page: Karma Talks Vancouver. The talks are “a transformational speaking, networking, and social event for conscious entrepreneurs.” These talks and networking events have been so inspirational and I’m meeting so many great people that are out in the world doing heart led work. They’re definitely people I want to hang out with, learn from and hopefully collaborate with some of them!

The next wonderful thing I’d like to share is that at one of those talks I attended I won a “Soul Essence Branding Package” from this lovely woman: Phoenix Rising, whom I feel blessed to have met in person this past Friday. Phoenix and I have had a fairly extensive conversation about who I am and how I (want to) present myself to the world. I’ve also filled out a very thought provoking questionnaire and now I’m just waiting for her to get back to me with logo and other branding ideas. So look out for coming changes and a new, more accurate idea of who I am and what I’m doing in this world.

The third exciting news is at a recent networking event at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (I attended there to achieve my R.H.N. designation/training), I met this tech savvy and wonderful woman: Michelle Abraham and then decided to invest in my future by purchasing and then attending a “Kickstart Your Nutrition Business Now” workshop put on by Michelle yesterday. I have learned so much business marketing information from this. I’m so excited to get started on a 90 day plan that was part of the workshop. I’ve got a lot more clarity about what I want to specialize in (more on that soon), how to market myself and my business and how to most effectively use technology (the background stuff), social media and more. Most importantly I got concrete steps and the assurance that I can contact Michelle when I need help with what I’m doing. That means more changes coming, a new specialized program, probably a whole new look to my blog and website, more workshops and seminars from me, but don’t forget this one on Nov 5th! Sign up for it asap as it’s filling up fast and space is limited! Email me at nourishment3@gmail.com to reserve your seat.

That’s it for sharing for now, but I’ll keep you all updated as I have more info ready to release. It’s so much fun to be excited and scared, feeling positive and thrilled about the life and work I’m creating. The people I’m meeting and the inspirational events I’m attending!

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” (Abraham Hicks)

Step forward my friends and followers, step forward! 


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