Breaking Free From Emotional Eating Program!

I’m so excited about my new project/program I’m creating. Emotional Eating is close to my heart, no pun intended! It is an issue that I have personally dealt with and that I’ve come to realize is where I’m meant to be helping others. 

75 percent

The statistics say: “A new survey of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 suggest sixty five percent have behavioral issues regarding food intake (emphasis mine) and an additional 10 percent report symptoms consistent with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.” (source- Psychcentral article). Now, I am Canadian, but I have no reason to believe that those stats wouldn’t be the same or similar here. I am also focusing on a slightly shifted demographic – women over 30.

I’ll be helping women who are experiencing emotional pain, shame and guilt around food by helping them embrace new food habits, develop healthy coping skills and create permanent mental change.

How will I be doing this, you may ask?

I will be using a 3 -pronged approach in order to reach as many women as possible and make it easy for them to access that help.

The first will be online accessible information that includes pdf’s, Skype video consults and webinars, with long term access. There will be levels that make it easy for women to follow along and move forward at their own pace.

The second will be a 6 week program of Walk ‘n’ Talks along the seawall in Vancouver, including one grocery storeOlder women walking together outdoors excursion. We’ll meet once a week and I’ll be keeping it to small groups of women in order to keep it supportive and focused. This program will be launched in late winter/early spring 2016 when the weather will be more cooperative.


The third will be a 6 week program of one on one hypnosis and nutrition consulting Hypnosis sessionsessions in my office centrally located on West Broadway in Vancouver. This program will also be accessible as a 6 week online Skype (video) call program.


Email support will also be available to those who sign up for the programs.

I’ve already begun some of the program with the launch of my closed Facebook group called Breaking Free From Emotional Eating. This is a group for women over 30 looking to take action, be supported and inspired! Connect with me through the group and start breaking free today!

I’ll be launching the first step of the program very soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

Take care of you


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