Fun In The Sun!

Hello all you lovely followers! I hope that wherever you are, life is good, the weather is sunny and you’re living your journey with your entire being!

I’ve been enjoying myself even when the universe throws challenges at me. I’m following my endomorph eating and exercise plan and have an abundance of energy and I’m looking great if I do say so myself! 😉 If you’ve not yet read my body type blogs, please do – find part 1 here and part 2 here

Our weather here in Vancouver has been an interesting mix of rain mostly at night, and grey with clouds and rain some of the mornings, but turning out pretty nice for the afternoon & evenings. Today though was super nice and sunny all day with a high of about 24*C (that’s about 75*F). I went over to the Quay on the North Shore, one of my fave places to read a book and people watch and ended up enjoying the rockin’ tunes of a band playing 60’s and 70’s music. Then I decided to go for a walk in Stanley Park, but when I got there I decided I wanted to do something different, so I turned right instead of left and ended up having a fantastic walk through the Coal Harbour area to Canada Place where the cruise ships dock. At this time of year there is often more than one in port and today there were three of them. I get such a thrill even after 5 years of being here when I see the cruise ships in port!

Today I bring you some of the pics I took on my little adventure today: I hope you enjoy them!

20160717_164710 20160717_162503 20160717_162153

The 3rd ship leaving port. The other 2 ships. Where the seaplanes dock.

20160717_161723 20160717_131214 20160717_172744

My home on the seawall. Music at the Quay. Didn’t wear sunscreen 😦

Just kidding about that being my home, but it is my dream to have a tiny home near the water. One day I will.




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