2017… What are your resolutions?


Hello and welcome to 2017! Have you taken time to reflect on 2016? Have you made some resolutions or goals or plans (whichever word feels right) for this new year? 

I tend to reflect regularly so I haven’t done a specific ‘sit down and look at 2016’; but I have decided on 2 changes I’m going to make this (new) year.

The first I’ve already done. I actually did it last night, or early this morning technically, after I rang in the new year at a huge party (more to come on that & how it connects to my 2nd plan). I had decided a few days ago that although I don’t get on my phone when I’m out with friends, I am/was on social media, namely Facebook, way too much on my phone. I was checking it before I even got out of bed in the mornings. Ugh! So my first decision for 2017 was to delete the Facebook app from my phone. I did it! I understand from some friends that on some of the newer phones you cannot actually delete the Facebook app, so I’m glad I don’t have a newer phone.

My second plan for 2017, and this has been born from my experience with my solo trip to Vegas back in Nov of 2016, is to continue to step, walk, leap (sometimes it will be crawling) outside my comfort zone! I actually started this by going to the New Years Eve party I went to last night. I bought a ticket and went solo to ring in the new year with approximately 1200 strangers. The weather almost made me not go, but taking my time about deciding if that would stop me was a good decision because by the time I was getting ready to go out the snow had stopped and it was clear out. Even before the snow stopped I had decided to go. I’m from Ontario, I can handle some snow, lol. Plus I only had a short walk at each end from transit to home and to the event venue. I’m so glad that I didn’t chicken out, that I didn’t let the (false) voice of reason convince me that the weather was bad enough to stay home. I had a really good time people watching, spoke with a about half a dozen people briefly, and danced my feet off. The dance floors were packed like sardines, yes there was more than one dance floor; so I stayed up on the VIP floor and danced while watching the DJs and the other dancers down below. I haven’t worn heels in a long time, I seldom wear them anyways, so after 4 1/2 hours on them my feet and legs were sore walking home and when I went to bed. Had to take them off as soon as I walked in the door of my apt building, lol, but I’m good to go this morning.comfort-zone

So that’s my plan for 2017, to continue to move outside my comfort zone, to do more and more things that scare me. So far that focus is on doing things solo that are out of my comfort zone, but I’m open to anything that creates that feeling of hesitation in me. So new activities that I’ve never done before are on the list, as are doing some things that I’ve done before either now doing them on my own, or doing them with friends but to a higher or more challenging level. Of course I want to do more solo traveling this year because as much as I had a blast on my own in Vegas, traveling alone still creates that discomfort. I shall continue to step into the discomfort. I shall continue to seek and grasp opportunities to grow.

How about you?


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