Need to see a Doctor but can’t leave home or work?

With today’s busy lifestyles and lack of Doctors (at least here in Canada) it can be very difficult to get to a Doctor’s office or a walk in clinic when you’re ill but it’s not an emergency situation. *Note: Always go to emergency if you have any concerns about how serious your situation may be*. 

The Canadian Government does offer a telephone service you can call to get advice from a healthcare professional if you’re not sure you need to go to the emergency department or a clinic. There are limits to what they can do though. They cannot see you, nor can they prescribe medications, so they really need to err on the side of caution.

So what are you to do? Well, there is now a service available in Canada through which you can consult with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner either on the phone or through online/phone apps like Skype and Facetime. Just think, they can actually see that strange rash you’ve developed, or see a burn or how runny your nose is. This applies to family members too! When your child is sick it’s normal to feel helpless as a parent. How comforting is it to know you can consult with a professional about your ill child without having to take them out of your home? They can also prescribe medications as they deem appropriate. We are also so very blessed here in Canada that this service is covered under our universal healthcare plan.

Now, from personal experience, the service offered by GOeVisit is the best! I used the service back in November when I had a bad cold I couldn’t seem to shake. GOeVisit is a Canadian owned and operated company that has Doctors and Nurse Practitioners all across Canada. Their service is available, (or will be, they’re still new) 24/7 365 days per year. You can access the service from anywhere that you have an internet connection, so from home or the office, using your phone, tablet or laptop. If you’re traveling and need some medical advice you can still consult with someone easily, from your hotel room.

My fave aspect about the practitioners from GOeVisit is that they don’t prescribe medications automatically. They will recommend natural and alternative solutions first where they deem best. As a Holistic Nutritionist this warms my heart. They also have protocols and directives available to help them cover all aspects of a person’s health concern, so no possible detail is missed.

The service will also fax any prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice, or if you’re visiting Canada (there is a fee for someone who is not Canadian to use the service) they will locate one close to your location/hotel and let you know where it is going to be. They also offer a delivery service that will send that prescription right to your location within 24 hours during business days (a little longer if it’s over the weekend). This applies for anyone using the service.

Just a note if you’re a visitor to Canada and need to see a Doctor. Before GOeVisit your only choice was to go to an emergency room, for the smallest issue. If you’ve got medical travel service you’d most likely be covered, BUT you still have to wait, possibly for hours if it is not a life threatening condition. If you don’t have travel medical insurance you’re looking at approximately $800 (Canadian) just to see a Doctor, never mind any extra costs. How great is it to bypass that cost AND not have to wait for hours? With GOeVisit, you can see a Doctor for only $49.95. I don’t know at this time if this type of service would be covered under a medical travel insurance plan.

I also really like that this type of service is available for someone like me, who rarely gets sick, maybe once, occasionally twice a year. I can consult with a professional and be reassured that I’m doing the right things to get myself better, and possibly be given more recommendations to get back to feeling good, faster! 🙂 I can even set a particular time for the consult!! No waiting in crowded waiting rooms anymore!

Here’s a short (it’s only about 90 seconds) video that tells you all about GOeVisit and how it works: GoeVisit – How it works. I highly recommend signing up today!



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