Viva Las Vegas!!

I’m not even sure where to start to tell of my Vegas adventure, but I’ll try to set it up concisely. After a very rainy fall here in Vancouver (aka Raincouver), not unusual but a LOT of rain, plus family going to Jamaica and a friend going to Mexico I decided I needed to get away for a few days where it was sunny and I could get there quickly. I have never been to Vegas but have wanted to go and the timing was right. Isn’t that the way it works? The timing all of a sudden seems right for you to do something you’ve wanted to do for a while?

20161113_161810Anyway, I booked a short trip, 2 nights 3 days to Vegas (one I felt was a good deal) on the Friday and left on the Sunday. In reality I was in Vegas less than 48 hrs but I packed a lot into my time there and had an absolute blast! This was also my first ever trip completely on my own, where I wasn’t traveling with someone, nor meeting others at the destination. I’ll talk about what I learned about solo travel further in this blog.

The day of my arrival, unbeknownst to me was also the day of the Rock n Roll Marathon which takes place along the Strip (Los Vegas Blvd) after dark (the sun drops down about 5 pm ish), so the shuttle buses running from the airport to the hotels were delayed by an hour or more, but I only ended up waiting about 20 mins. Already I was having good luck in Vegas! 🙂  Arriving at my hotel was amazing. I stayed at the Luxor, the pyramid shaped hotel. 20161113_204932I like spaces that are different. I couldn’t believe the size of it! It was humongous! In my mind I ‘knew’ the hotels are huge in Vegas but until you actually see one in person you really have no idea.

I can see this story is going to get long quickly, so I’m going to condense it starting right now. Had a great time exploring the strip outside my hotel and watching the start of the marathon, even had my 15 seconds of fame when I got interviewed on camera by Fox News 5. Bopped away to some great oldies (50’s & 60’s) from a live band and just had fun!

People who don’t gamble worry about what they will do in Vegas, trust me you can go to Vegas and do so much and never gamble if you don’t want to. I did play the slots a bit, I enjoy them, even had a ‘lucky’ machine, lol! You can 20161115_080742easily see 2 shows a night if you wish, plus there are other types of shows you could see in the day time, like the Titanic Relics display that was available in my hotel. There are also of course tours to the Grand Canyon and/or the Hoover Dam, which are pretty much a whole day; and shopping galore. Just walking the Strip is enjoyable and a great workout if you’re not strolling, plus you can get lots of stairs in your workout because of the many pedestrian overpasses that make it safe to cross the big intersections away from the traffic.

My 3 shows I saw were Criss Angel the amazing magician! Lots of smoke and fire in his show. Some of you may know how much I love Cirque du Soleil shows and there are about 8 of them in Vegas at any one time. 20161114_181150I went and saw Zumanity which is the adults only erotic Cirque show; and now I know why they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, lol <insert cheeky grin here>. I also saw the Blue Man Group show, the second time I’ve seen them, they are so much fun! Considering they never speak, they are very expressive with just their faces and body language.

I also walked the Strip for 2 hours the one morning. The weather was perfect, about 78* (about 20161113_16023625*C), sunny, a lovely breeze and clear blue sky. I could have taken pictures about every 10 feet there was so much to see. I did take about 87 photos altogether on my trip. I bought a nice zippered hoodie with Las Vegas on the front to bring home and a few little trinkets for some family members, but I didn’t do any other shopping.

Like I mentioned above, I did play the slots a bit here and there, and I guess I came out ahead since I came home with 2 bucks (US dollars) from the cash I had taken with me for tips, gambling, and miscellaneous uses. The only negative thing I can say about my trip was that smoking is allowed in the casinos. It is not allowed here in Canada so that was surprising and could have been very distasteful. I do have to say though that there was no smoky haze in the air and I was careful not to sit near anyone that was smoking. So I was fine. Also surprising (to me) was that drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) are free while you’re gambling (please be sure to tip your waitress though!), so I admit I had a couple of strawberry daiquiris. I like girly drinks when I do have a drink and Vegas loves the slushy frosty drinks (which again you can get with or without alcohol) that are pina colada, strawberry, mixed berry and other flavours. You can even buy them outside along the Strip.

I was not ready to leave on the Tues morning but I did enjoy the warm, quiet peacefulness outside the Luxor as I waited for my shuttle bus to the airport. I like to people watch and I was quite amused watching some workers scrub the driveway with toothbrushes! 😀

About solo traveling. It is not something I’ve done on my own before although I have done lots of traveling by myself to get to a place where I was meeting others. Heck, I do that every time I fly to Ontario to be with family at Christmas time. This though, was my first ever trip where I was going somewhere and being completely on my own for the whole trip. I was nervous excited, not about being on my own in regards to safety and such, just a bit about ‘would I feel lonely at all?’ I have no problems overall in talking to strangers, at least my friends tell me that, though it does take effort at times to push myself to do so; but I had so issues at all with feeling alone. The biggest benefit to traveling alone is you have no one to please but yourself in all things. When do you want to travel? Where do you want to stay? What do you want to do? When? Where do you want to eat, shop, take pics, go to the pool, the casino, etc? All my choice, all my decisions, all for my pleasure. Lol, sounds maybe selfish but I don’t believe so. It would be selfish if I was traveling with someone else and acted that way.

I’m definitely inspired to do more solo traveling to more places. I’m excited with all the possibilities! Don’t get me wrong though, of course I want to travel with others – family, friends, someone special. My sister and I have already talked about going to Vegas together (for at least 4 nights 5 days), plus my daughter and I are talking about going in 2018 for her 30th and my 55th birthdays.

20161113_151704I don’t know where I may travel on my next solo adventure but I can’t wait to have the experience! This trip has shown me even more how important it is to live in the now, be mindful and present in every moment and to create the life and experiences you want to have.