Spirituality, Journeys, Purposes and Visions

Hello all my lovely blog readers, once again I apologize for being so long between blog postings. As I mentioned in a previous blog I’ve been undergoing a lot of personal growth and change on many levels. I think I also mentioned that this work can become all encompassing for me when it’s happening.

I did a lot of work in this similar way last year at this time and it took up a good (and I mean good in all ways here) 4-6 months of my life. I gave myself- my mind, body and spirit- the time to adjust and incorporate all of that before being ready for more work this Feb. Now I’ve been having a spiritual journey that has been creating big changes deep inside me on the subconscious level. I’ve been working with my Hypnotherapist, my Naturopath and taking some courses with a Teacher/Mentor of mine.

The work is mentally and emotionally hard, which of course affects my body. They are all connected. My stress levels (cortisol and adrenalin) are higher. Sleep, diet and exercise habits have also been impacted. Add in “normal” life, having braces put on my teeth in mid March, and the exciting planning of a trip to Scotland with my bestie- we’re going in October, oh and I can’t forget hormones! I am 50 after all; so you can imagine how it’s been!

Let’s see if I can summarize and share some of what I’ve been doing. Working with my Hypnotherapist, we’ve been working on connecting with my inner selves at the various ages and stages of my life that they represent. Bringing them all together for the greater good. So I can move forward in my growth and be who I am. Also on connecting with my soul and what represents my soul. There’s more at work here, that I’ve been doing here, but it seems to be the hardest to articulate.

Working with my Teacher/Mentor, we’ve been discovering what my purpose is in being here and what my vision is for me and the world. It’s been a totally amazing discovery. Surprising and yet not as it has tied in with the work I’m doing with my Hypnotherapist. There has been a lot of emotion brought forth from all of it. Overwhelming at times, powerful  and empowering! I’ve started the second level of my Teacher/Mentor’s Vision courses last week, and in this level we’re working on developing our mission statements. So simple sounding but so profound in the impact it has on a personal level. It’s awesome that all but one of us from the first level class have returned for the second level. It’s nice to have that connection as we’ve each gone through and continue with our personal journeys.

My Naturopath is awesome! He helps look after ALL of me- the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual. He is supportive in his suggestions, his use of/recommendations for supplements and tinctures. He uses acupuncture to help support my body and mind through all of it. My body and mind respond very well to acupuncture. When he uses the needles on those spots for stress, I am so relaxed and mellow afterwards- all spacey and you’d think I was high ;). We are working with my Hypnotherapist to make the effects last longer as I can’t always see my Naturopath as often as I’d like to. He also reminds me to be gentle with myself and to “Trust that you are on the right path! Try not to focus on the “what’s next” now that you have discovered your vision/purpose. Instead focus on staying connected and in tune with that purpose, and I think you’ll find that the “what’s next” will happen organically.”  A wise man, yes? 🙂

All of the above work has also resulted in working on some other specific things like managing expectations, ‘what are expectations?’, managing the feelings around wants and hopes, changing how I react to situations, knowing on a deeper level that that is the only thing I truly have any control over, and more.

I’ve even experienced a panic attack and a huge epiphany within a week of each other with all this work! *Whew*, it’s scary and difficult and amazing and worth it and wow…

Don’t ever think that change and growth are not worth it. Don’t ever let the fear stop you. A quote from my Naturopath that resonates with me as I’m doing all of this work:

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~Jack Canfield~



Exciting news!

I’ve been a little bit lax in my blog posts for the last week but I have a good reason! 

I am now working at an Integrated Medical Clinic about a 15 minute walk from where I live. 😀 The Clinic currently combines a Standard Medical Office with an Alternative Medical Clinic (which includes a Naturopathic Doctor, an Acupuncturist, a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist). Connected to the Clinics is what up until now is a traditional Pharmacy.

Where I come into all of this is in 3 parts. Firstly I am changing the Pharmacy over to a Natural and Organic based line of supplements, health & beauty (personal) products, and food items. This is going to be about a 3-4 week project but I’m excited about switching it all over and letting people know about it.

The next phase will be doing seminars! I love doing seminars! I love sharing knowledge, I love helping people. We’ll be doing such topics as: What does Organic and Natural mean and why you should eat this way. How to know if your supplements are natural over synthetic, and why natural is better. Why an integrated and whole health approach works better than taking another pill, and so many more topics!

The 3rd phase but one that is really already beginning is me as a Holistic Nutritionist!! I’ll be helping customers in the Pharmacy store, as well as doing the seminars, as well as seeing clients one on one for nutritional consultations! I will soon have an office of my own to use, but have access to one now. My new boss is great, we share a very similar vision about health and health care, and he is introducing me to as many customers as possible and letting them know what I do. 🙂

In amongst all of this I’m working on adding hypnosis to my skill set! It’s another great tool in my healthy -mind, body and spirit- tool box and I’m very excited about being able to use it to help clients make lasting changes in their lives.

So, great news eh? I will be continuing to write my blog and bring you information. My plan is to post twice a week, most likely on Sundays and Thursdays.

If you read this and live in the GVA (Greater Vancouver area, specifically Burnaby) or know someone who does, and would like to talk with me please contact me at 778-985-8807 or email me at nourishment3@gmail.com