Stuff vs Experiences!

Over the last 3 days, I did a 6 session Mind Clearing intensive with Sara Gabriel (, the practitioner from my last blog about Mind Clearing ( This intensive was 2 – 90 min sessions per day for 3 consecutive days, with about 30 min break in between each pair of sessions.


It’s called intensive for a reason, lol. It was amazing, powerful, and intriguing to watch almost from outside myself the duality of my brain at work (to see what came forth from my subconscious), especially the last 2 sessions on the 3rd day. I’ll probably write a blog about the whole experience soon but right now I want to share one of the big things that came out of it for me.

I’m not a rich person, and neither are any of my family or close friends, but I think we’re all comfortable enough that we do buy birthday and Christmas presents for each other, and we’re usually able to buy ourselves (most) material things that we want.

What’s changed for me and has been shifting for the last 5 years but especially in the last year or so, is a desire for less material “stuff” and a desire for more experiences with the special people in my life. The intensive really clarified that for me, and even having more (simple and quick most times I think) experiences with strangers is a desire.

In regards to experiences with family and friends I’m going to be working towards creating those more and more often starting as soon as possible. Christmas is going to a big one for change, at least that’s my plan. 🙂

20160717_162153Experiences don’t have to be big, either in cost or what we actually do together. For me it means being fully in the moment the whole time I’m sharing space and time with that person or persons. Whether it’s a free walk along the seawall or an event like Cirque du Soleil (for which I always buy the best tickets I can), these experiences, sharing them with someone I love is what is important to me. I think it’s also important for my emotional/mental growth and health over the long term.


Don’t get me wrong, I do love and appreciate all of the stuff that loved ones have given me, and I appreciate all of the things I am able to buy for myself. I will never not buy books, for example! booksExperiences though, time spent with those loved ones means more, means something deeper, means the most. We never know how long we have with someone (and it isn’t always death that separates us) and I want to create great memories over and over again in my life. I can’t take the stuff with me when I die, but I can have my memories of special people, special times and special moments that I create, that I participate in, that I seek! Emphasizing that I mean from the simplest and/or shortest experience to the longest/most in depth, with a loved one or a stranger.

create your own experienceCreate your experience!

Live in the moment!

Be present and enjoy life!

Every day!