Mind Clearing!

Recently I’ve been feeling stuck in some ways around my career. Not sure if the path I’ve been trying to create is the right one for me. Am I following my right path? Are limiting beliefs holding me back? If so, what are those beliefs and how can I change them?

One of my mentors, Kiley, that I’ve mentioned in past blogs, pointed me towards Sara another of my mentors. I also consider them both as friends. Sara is focusing on a technique called Mind Clearing. So I reached out to Sara, asked for some information on the technique and so far I’ve had two very effective sessions with her. Especially the second one, which I’ll tell you about further in my blog but right now I want to explain about Mind Clearing, how it works, what it is, etc.

First off, as I know from my experience and training with Hypnosis the subconscious mind is a complex system of experiences, ideas, identities, trauma and rigid patterns of perception. Change your perception and you change your reality!

Clearing is a way to clean out whatever interferes with living a more vibrant, connected and impassioned life. Become more effective in all areas of your life by increasing your ability to be in relationship with anything you are giving your attention towards.

In the process of receiving instructions, contemplating, expressing thoughts and feelings, and being understood, clearing occurs. Seemingly simple processes can provide profound insights and healing.

One of the powerful aspects of Mind Clearing is that the Clearer does not usually insert themselves in the client’s process but supports the client in working out what is right for them and their life.

Within an unusually short amount of time, clients move past frozen states and embrace new and innovative ways to approach their lives. *

That last statement is certainly true in my case. Very quickly in my second session with Sara I cleared a bunch of previous ideas, expectations and perceptions around my career. I clarified that the ideas I was currently attached to were not actually the right ones for me. I learned that letting go of these ideas and expectations freed me up to allow the right ideas (for me) to flow into my life.

With Sara’s guidance I came up with a list of concrete steps to follow in order to clear those ideas, expectations and perceptions from my external life now that I had them cleared/clarified internally. I quickly made changes in regards to how I will use (or not use) social media. I changed some things here on my website/blog. I let go of how I believed I should be serving clients and people in general. I accepted that just being open to serving others was the only idea I needed for now. More structured ideas will come to me as I am ready for them. Or, maybe I will continue to serve others in what may seem to others as without structure. Believe me, as a person who values and needs structure and routine in her life, it was a revelation to realize that structure in serving clients made me feel restricted and tied down.

The other major discovery that came out at my session was that I still had an attachment to an individual that I thought I had dealt with a year ago. That was a surprise – that there was something still there, and that letting go of the other stuff allowed me to let go of the ghost that I had no idea was haunting my career path.

You may be wondering what else can Mind Clearing do for you? Here’s a list of the benefits:

Create and maintain healthy boundaries

Solve current problems

Forward stuck projects

Identify the right kind of livelihood for your own nature, talents and passions

Transform Stress

Heal depression and anxiety

Release Grief

Improve family gatherings

Increase communication skills, thereby improving ALL relationships

Clear traumatic memories

“Disappear” Fix states and chronic attitudes

Release guilt

Clear Karma

Clear Money Issues*

If you would like to know more about Mind Clearing or would like to work with Sara, please feel free to contact her at sara@presenthealth.ca. You’ll find Sara to be warm, caring, clear, intuitive, sensitive and professional. I highly recommend working with her! Oh and you don’t have to live in the Vancouver area, Sara can do sessions through Skype.

*All words in italics are taken directly from http://www.healingthepast.com/clearing.html