Do the Hustle!

do-the-hustleDo the Hustle! No, no not the disco hit from 1975, lol, although I must admit I’ve done my share of the steps.

What I’m talking about in my blog today is hustling. Not in the negative definition of “obtain by forceful action or persuasion”; no what I’m talking about is hustling as in “busy movement or activity” or also as urban dictionary defines it “anything you need to do to make money”.

In my case though it’s realizing and fully accepting that, that is not the right path for me when it comes to helping people the way I want to. If there’s one thing I’ve observed and experienced in the last few years is that no alternative practitioner I personally know or know of has one stream of income, is only doing one thing (i.e seeing clients one on one), or is using only one type of social media. In order to build a full time career as an alternative practitioner (especially for the less recognized modalities) you must hustle! You must being doing many of the above mentioned methods all of the time in order to achieve any degree of regularity and sustainability. I’ve also noticed that many alternative practitioners are doing other jobs (still as independent business people) totally unrelated to their particular modality.

What has been clarified for me is that I’m not a hustler; and thank the Gods as the world needs all kinds to make it work. Some people are great at it and thrive on the challenge and the go-go-go, I do not! I am a person who thrives on routine, stability, and life work balance. I love to help people by being me and helping them wherever we may be when we meet. It could be on the bus, in the park, at an event, walking down the street, OR in an office. I can help best by one on one sharing of my knowledge, intuition and caring, as well as in a group presentation, at which point I’m doing it because I want to, not because I have to.

Having that stability and routine of a “regular” job (still working in the wellness field) where I get to feel I’m connecting and helping others then allows me the freedom and security to do workshops, presentations to small or large groups, talk to people one on one, group hypnosis sessions and private hypnosis, when I want, as often as I want and how I want. WOW, that’s pretty cool in my estimation!

I must admit I’m pretty grateful for all the learning, growing and change I’ve gone through in the last 4 years or so even though a lot of it (most of it) has been challenging and difficult. That’s how we grow though, through those difficult times. I’ve been so blessed to have friends, family and fantastic mentors and guides to be there and help me through it all.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “it must be done this way”, or, “you are only successful if you do things that way”, key-to-happinesswhen really success is a very personal and individual definition. Don’t be afraid to find out what is your way, what is your definition of success. Find success through what makes you happy. As I’ve said many times on my blogs, figuring it out may be the most demanding work you ever do, but it will be so worth it! I promise. 🙂




Getting Poked By My Dark Side!

So I last wrote this blog about embracing your dark side and I guess my dark side was listening because it came out to play and poke at me in the last week or so. Of course, what it looked like when my dark side poked me, was fear!

Some fears about success vs failure and what both of those look like to me came forth. Also included were fears about finances. I’m not in a bad place financially (thank the Gods & Goddesses), but so much of my belief system around success & failure is connected to money. There is a whole lot more tied into the fears that came forth, I don’t need to go into all the details in this blog.

You may be wondering what I am doing or did do about these fears. Well, I reached out to a mentor of mine as I know they have gone through some of what I fear and come out the other side happier, more balanced and have embraced and therefore changed their perspective on their similar fears.

My mentor and I talked briefly on the phone as to what I had reached out to them for, and then they sent me some homework to do around the issue(s). I did some introspection on 1) My beliefs around money. 2) My current relationship with money. 3) What are my needs, and what are my desires? 4) What are my fears? 5) What would a loving and empowered relationship with money look like?

Then I did more introspection around my work story. What is the valuable offering I am creating? And the big one for me – What would my work look like if I acted like I am and have enough? About a week later my mentor and I met on Skype for a video call and had a great discussion about my answers to those questions and anything else that popped up.

3 key things and one conformation came out of the call. It was also apparent that more work was necessary but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years it’s that this work (by that I mean personal growth) is seldom quick and easy, so that is not a fear for me.

So, the 3 key things: 1) Learning how to receive (and/or allow) money (and other things) into my life. I am very independent. I’m sure my closest friends can tell you how difficult it is for me to ask for help, or even to accept it when it’s offered without me asking. I’m working on that too. 🙂 In our discussion we talked about the difference between getting/making money and receiving/allowing it with an open heart. 2) My beliefs around success and failure. I’m going to be doing a deeper delving into where they came from, how true or not each one is for me – are any of them really true? And changing my perspective around them. What can I think/believe instead? Since I’ve done a lot of work on changing my perspective about a lot of my beliefs I know how to go about this. 3) Separating my personal value from my business success. I am NOT my business. I am worthy and successful just by being here as me. With my light AND my dark side.

The one conformation: You may have read my blog about my new program that I’m developing and it became very apparent in my Skype call with my mentor that this program is exactly right for me to be doing. I light up (they said) when I talk about it. I come from a place of personal experience with emotional eating, so I absolutely can relate to someone trying to or wanting to deal with it. I know what it takes to make the changes on the deepest subconscious level in order to become free. I know that it is not an easy or quick fix, that it is difficult and scary to face the issues and pain that come from emotional eating. My program will address the one issue that no diet in the world does – emotional eating and how to break free!

So here’s a couple of inspirational quotes that I hope resonate with you, as they do me. Ok, more than a couple 😉

fear, your largest... fear is the brains way... fear has 2 meanings fear and failure


Face Everything And Rise! Isn’t fear glorious? lol

Walking along the fear path is the surest way to the most worthwhile lessons and personal growth we can have, in my opinion.

An analogy that is very helpful in dealing with fear, anxiety or strong emotion at their height is the Wave Analogy. When you feel fear, or anxiety or experience other strong (maybe scary) emotions, picture yourself on a beach, feet bare, toes at the edge of the water and as the waves come in acknowledge that fear, anxiety or emotion. Don’t do anything with it. Just acknowledge it “oh hey, I’m feeling fear about X right now”. Then watch as the wave recedes, as it always does, and let it take away the fear, anxiety or emotion. The wave comes in and you acknowledge the fear, the wave recedes and takes the fear with it because you have acknowledged it and accepted it, knowing you don’t need to do anything with it. This takes practice and focus, like any new technique. Don’t imagine one wave coming and going and then it should all be gone. Sometimes it might take only a couple of minutes of imagining those waves before the fear, anxiety or emotion dissipates, other times it might take 20 minutes. Keep practicing, keep focusing. Then you can do the real and deep work necessary to change and grow.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.



It’s Dec. 22nd and for those of you who acknowledge and/or celebrate Christmas in some way, that means it’s only 3 days until the big day! 3 days until the birth of Jesus (if that’s your belief), 3 days until Santa Claus comes (if that’s your belief), 3 days until a day full of love and giving and family (chosen or blood), 3 days until you eat so much awesome food you think you might bust! 

Or for some people it is a day of being alone, either chosen or not. For others it is just a regular day. Still for others it may be a day in the beginning, middle or end of other celebrations like Hanukkah. There is also other celebrations that I am not as familiar with such as Kwanzaa.

My whole point being, whatever you do or do not recognize or celebrate at this time of year, I hope the season brings you love, happiness, peace and continued success.

Speaking of success, I recently ran some ads on Craigslist for Stop Smoking and New Years Resolution Success (most people set New Yrs resolutions that they want to begin Jan. 1st), and I’ve already had several clients go through the Stop Smoking Hypnosis sessions. It’s been a great experience for me, and the comments and reactions from clients have ranged from stunned to “Wow!” as they walk out the door knowing they are now a non-smoker!

The Stop Smoking Hypnosis is a two session protocol and I do those sessions pro-bono. This gives me experience and allows me to give back to the community at the same time. A philosophy that is important to me. I will continue offering those sessions all the time, but if someone you know or you yourself are looking to stop smoking as their/your New Years Resolution please contact me at or 778-985-8807.

The New Years Resolution Success is also a 2 session protocol for a Seasonal Special rate of $120 (valued up to $395). This special will run until January 17th – meaning at least one of the appointments must be booked by that date. The appt may happen after that date but you must book it by the 17th.

We all know New Years Resolutions are made with the full intent to be successful. We may want to lose weight, stop smoking, develop healthier habits, succeed in business, etc and yet quite often we find within only a couple of weeks of setting these goals/resolutions we are back to where we started from and feeling like a failure.

Why not give yourself the gift of success? Create that success by changing your mind, by setting those intentions deep into your subconscious mind with the aid of hypnosis!

Willpower which happens in the conscious mind won’t be enough, if it was then we would all be successful all the time at whatever we decided we were going to do. Real change, real success takes place when positive suggestions are accepted into/by the subconscious mind and the change happens like changing the programming on your computer. Once new programming is installed and accepted by a computer, the computer has to operate with that new programming. Your subconscious mind works the same way. 

NewYearsResolutions 1 7657


Again my contact info for hypnosis or nutritional consultations is or 778-985-8807.


Wishing all of you, my lovely followers, a wonderful Holiday Season, success in the New Year (whatever success you are looking for) and health, wellness and happiness always!!